Species of vine
Corvina 70% Rondinella 30%

Situated in “Canta Cicale”, supported by Verona style pergola vine trellises, on average fourty years old, mainly with south-east exposure.

Production process
Grapes strictly harvested at the cash desk. After careful selection of the grapes, the grapes are de-stemmed and thrown immediately into the fermentation tanks. The duration of pelicular maceration varies from 8 to 18 days depending on the quality of the grapes, the degree of ripeness and the health of the grapes themselves. Important at this stage is the fermentation temperature and the mixing of the marc, respecting its integrity. At the end of fermentation, the must is drained and the pomace is softly pressed in order to extract the sweeter and less aggressive tannins.

Wine qualities

Ruby red.

Pleasantly fruity aromas with notes of spices, black pepper and licorice.

Sapid, balanced and moderately astringent.

12,5 % vol.

Serving suggestions
Young and moderately aggressive wine suitable for combination with fatty foods.