Le Perle


Species of vine
Garganega and Chardonnay

Located on the hills of Fittà on the border with Brognoligo, grown in rows according to the espalier method with a south-eastern exposure.

Production techniques
Wine obtained by blending two different grape varieties and two different vintages. On one side, take a large tank of Garganega and let it macerate on the skins of Recioto. Skin contact time and temperature depend on the result you want to obtain. After the pomace has been pressed, the wine – which in the meantime has sweetened and taken on the grapes scents – is left to ferment again.


In the next grape harvest, a tank of partially fermented chardonnay must is taken. Fermentation is stopped varying its temperature. It is then blended with Garganega and fermented again.

Wine qualities

Pale yellow.

At the beginning, during disgorging, a slight smell of cheese accompanied by a high content of CO2, which then develops into the fragrance of pomace. In the next olfactory stage, a hint of Isabella grapes prevails at the beginning, and then leaves room to floral scents and some fruity hints. As soon as the wine warms up, there is again a smell of skins and yellow fruit accompanying the wine until the end.


To provide a vectorial description for this sparking wine, we could say it has a is broad and is fairly high to the nose.

Genuine, broad, velvety and harmonic.

Alcohol content
12 % vol.

Serving suggestions
To be served at a temperature of 6-8°C. Excellent as an aperitif. It is also recommended as a wine suited to all courses, in particular with appetizers, pasta dishes, and fish.